Top 10 Reasons I Love to Photograph Weddings


I’m passionate about wedding photography.

Recently, I’ve been wondering just what about wedding photography excites me. Was there one single thing about it that was “it”? Well, no. In fact, there are numerous reasons, and together they really explain why I love to photograph weddings.


  1. Meeting great people – one of my favorite things about shooting weddings is I get to meet great people — people deeply in love, and their loving family and friends. Our clients come from all walks of life, and many become friends, letting us know as their family grows. After a shoot, Gregory and I often talk about how we felt we did (self-criticism to improve our work), and we often remark on how nice the clients were. It’s really a wonderful feeling to provide high-quality work to appreciative clients. And we love seeing past wedding clients at new weddings (referral!).
  2. Experiencing THE story – every wedding’s the same, and yet each is different. As photographers, we become privy to an exciting time in a couple’s lives, learning their personalities, their joys and their love for one another. We engage with our clients during the lulls of a wedding day. We happily chat with guests that come up to us to ask questions. And we love watching client-made slideshows, hearing toasts and speeches from wedding party and guests.
  3. Visiting new locales – the San Francisco Bay Area is such a diverse place, filled with many cultures, varied geography and spectacular views. From cozy Bed & Breakfast inns to fanciest hotels and mansions, we get a blast traveling throughout the Bay Area (and beyond) to shoot in venues (some of which) we don’t even know about.
  4. Creating art – capturing great images is what really gets our creative juices flowing, and in the course of a wedding day, we often get great opportunities to get THE shot (or two or three). We get inspired by the location, the light, and the clients. We wind up with shots that elicit words of wonderment, questions like “how’d you get that shot?” Artistically, I live for those shots. We also regularly check out the beautiful work from top wedding photographers all over the world, getting inspired, learning, and of course, viewing that as a challenge for us to get great shots as well.
  5. Being a Historian – books with old photos intrigue me. For instance, I like seeing what the San Francisco Bay Area looked like 100-150 years ago. Horse-drawn carriages, the original Cliff House and Sutro Baths, residents in their Victorian age raiment — all captured in photos. It’s like traveling back in time. And I know that for our clients: in their future, when they look back at the photos we capture today, it will also evoke that feeling. I feel proud to be able to provide our clients that ability through the work we do.
  6. Getting the best sleep the night after – being on my feet for upwards of 10 or more hours on a wedding day means that I always get a great night of sleep when I get home. After a quick shower to rid the day’s sweat and grime, there’s really nothing like letting your entire body sink into the sheets. I’m out in minutes.
  7. Exercising the cheek muscles – I love capturing what I see on a wedding day, and doing so always brings a smile to my face because I feel like a kid in a candy/toy store: there’s so much happening! From seeing the details of the settings and venues, to cute little flower girls and ring-bearers, to anticipating emotional moments from family members, to hearing great and funny stories during speeches, I soak in the emotions and imagery like the sponge, riding the “wedding wave” and smiling the whole time.
  8. Working for myself (and the clients, of course) – it’s been about 10 years since I worked for corporate America. Since then I’ve been making a living working for myself. It’s not without its up’s and down’s, but answering to no one but myself (and my clients) have been a liberating experience. I still have a lot to learn, but I look forward to the challenges and experience.
  9. Growing as a photographer – there’s a certain level of skillset you get after x number of years/weddings, but as a photographer, I’m always striving to add to that skillset. Whether it’s a new way of lighting, revamping the website, or posing clients, there’s always something new to learn.
  10. Preserving Memories – our memories are what makes us who we are. As we get older, sometimes our memory fails us.  Which is where photography comes in. Seeing an image of today in the (far) future is like traveling back in time. The photos are visual clues that really time everything today in a person’s life, and with wedding couples, they’re no different. The wedding photos are but a sliver of a moment in time, but oh, what memories, emotions, smells and sounds they can evoke. Just think of what goes through your mind when you dig though old photos of yourself as a child. As a wedding photographer, yes it’s my job, but it’s also an honor and privilege to preserve these memories for my clients.