What is the Dave Wong style?


Wedding Photo style

My style is based on the idea of capturing the STORY of you and your newlywed spouse on your wedding day, and for me that means a combination of:

  • documentation shots – details of venues, your dress, flowers, decor, people arriving, setting up, talking, etc.
  • emotion shots – documentation photos of key moments that occur throughout the day: grandma being kissed by grandson, old friends hugging, people being themselves, etc. Seeing these will bring back the strong emotions of the day: unbridled laughter, tears of joy, quiet intimacy, etc.
  • beauty shots – you’ve spent time and money on looking the best that you can. My aim is for cool, artistic shots that not only make you look great, but flexes my creative muscles as well.

“PJ” versus Posed

My style is definitely not photojournalistic, in the sense that I AM a part of your day.

I will hang back during key areas: ceremony, speeches and toasts, etc., but if I see there are certain groups of friends chatting, I might get them together for a quick, fun relaxed portrait.

Many couples plan a period for family portraits, and I am more than happy to accommodate your shot list.

And of course, we want beautiful shots of the two of you, so there will definitely be directed action, e.g. “hold hands while walking down this nicely lit corridor — just talk and be with each other. Good, stop right there and give each other a kiss! Awesome! Now turn around and come back.”

There will be other times when I know cool shots can be had just by having the two of you standing in such a way, or whatever. However it happens, it’s quick and relaxed, and I shoot what’s comfortable for you.

It’s About What You Want

In the end, my style is a mixed style, and the idea is to not only get all the shots that you want, but to also get the shots you’ll love!