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My name's Dave Wong, and I photograph weddings all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Visit my Featured Weddings area get a good overall sense of my photographic skills. You'll not only get to see photos from a number of great weddings shot here in the Bay Area (and one out of it, too!) but you can also get ideas for your own wedding!

San Francisco Bay Area Wedding - Palmdale Estates San Francisco Bay Area Wedding - Jacqueline and Jeff's Wedding at the Palmdale Estates in Fremont, Engagement session (to come) and After-session at Baker Beach in San Francisco.
San Francisco Wedding - Lauren and Robert's Wedding in San Francisco's Marines' Memorial Club & Hotel. Bridal Portraits in the Presidio.
Monterey Wedding - Rachel and Shane's Wedding at Tarpy's Roadhouse Restaurant in Monterey. After session at Lovers Point/Monterey Beach
Half Moon Bay Wedding - Eileen and Levy's Wedding at San Benito House in Half Moon Bay
East Bay Wedding - Robin and Joey's Wedding celebration in the East Bay environs/East Ocean Hong Kong Restaurant
Lake Tahoe Wedding - Christine and Tony's Destination Wedding at South Lake Tahoe

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If you would like to view samples of my current work, you can see them along with photography from my friend and business partner Gregory Bartning, over on our collective blog:

Gregory and I shoot a good number of 2-photographer-package weddings together. In the future, I will be expounding on the pro's and con's of having 2 photographers.

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In fact, having shot weddings professionally and full-time since 2005, there is a lot of insight into wedding photography and wedding planning in general that I can share with brides-to-be.

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I will continue to add articles, including thoughts and tips on the whole wedding planning process (from a photographer's point of view, of course).

Additionally, I'll also offer photography tips for both professionals and aspiring amateurs alike, as I have always found myself answering questions at a good number of my weddings.

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